Saturday Night Party Cruise On The Hudson

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24 Dates Through Oct 29, 2017

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While a majority of the world's residents think of New York City as this ultimate entertainment mecca - which in actuality, it really is - residents get tired of what the city has to offer. Even though the nightclubs are world renowned, the restaurant scene is like none other, and broadway plays here are sought after by anyone and everyone, it still gets old after a while. That's when you know it's time to shake things up and opt for an alternative routine that can only be found on the Hudson….yes, the Hudson river.

Each and every Saturday night we host one of the most popular attractions that keep folks coming back for more - yes, some even opt on coming back week after week. Cruising down the Hudson never gets old, and when you add music being served up by a live DJ and a cash bar into the mix, it doesn't get much better than that.

Rather than opting of the stereotypical Saturday night in Manhattan, opt for a special event that will deliver views as well as an atmosphere that's vibrant. Bring your friends or family along for the ride, because there's plenty of space aboard the Hornblower Yacht. Can't make it this weekend? There's always next!

Age Restriction: 21+

Boarding time: 8:30PM 
Departing time: 9:30PM
Returning time: 12:00AM

Mailing Address

32 Union Square East Suite 211